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Alright, I was enjoying my own company whilst watching ”Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ on Netflix and suddenly felt the urge to post about one of my favourite things ”LIPPIES” and so here we are. Today am reviewing MUA lip balms, L.A Colors lipgloss ans L.A Colors matte lipstick.

                                                    MUA SWEET SHEN LIP BALM- £2

MakeUp Academy (MUA) have a great collection of sweet sheen lip balms which come in a variety of shades such as Cherry bomb, Purple pizzazz, Rouge rumba, Peach dream, Coral reef and French violet. I have been using these lip balms since I discovered them a week ago and think they are certainly due for a review.

L-R Cherry bomb, Purple Pizzazz and Rouge Rumba
How they look like once opened and rolled up

                                                        Below are swatch samples 




  • Lasts a good 2-3 hours
  • Affordable
  • Moisturise lips with shimmer of colour
  • They can be used individually as well as a top-up
  • Lightweight, so its not hustle for your purse
  • Easy application, goes onto your lips very smoothly
  • Is an alternative for the days when one doesn’t need too much colour
  • I really like the packaging

Below are sample swatches


  • The coverage for these balms is clear to sheer and for this reason I feel like the amount of pigment and visibility depends on the colour and shade of each individual.
  • I sort of regret buying 3 of them because not much colour shows up on my lips, therefore having colour variation doesn’t do me any good. Even though I have 3 different shades, it still feels like I only have one as there’s barely any colour showing on my lips (again, that’s just me, it can be different with everyone).

CONCLUSION- All in all I still like it as a lip balm but don’t like the idea of owning more than 2 different shades as the colours don’t show up that much on me. 


These were purchased in a pharmacy that stocks L.A.colors makeup but are available fat a cheaper cheaper price on Ebay.  The L.A COLORS website is great too but one will  have to pay for shipping.

Scarlet,Snuggle, Lavish and Fresh


  • Long lasting (2-5 hours depending)
  • Affordable (obviously lol)
  • Amazing shine and gloss effect
  • Absorbs beautifully into your lips
  • Pigmentation is decent
  • Easy application

Below are applications of the lipgloss


Its really hard for me to fault this product even if I tried.


These were purchased at the same pharmacy as the lipgloss but also made an effort to look up the products on amazon and Ebay and what I discovered shocked me. Someone one Ebay was selling it for £31.96 and another in the States was selling for $4.50??? This just goes to show you that one need to do some price checks on different selling platforms before a purchase. You might just end up paying way too much for a product or getting a bargain. Ok enough of the ranting…..let us get to it.

Strawberry, Passion purple and Grape crush
Strawberry, Passion purple and Grape crush

Below are the applications


  • Apply easily on your lips
  • Very moisturising
  • Makes you lips feel nice and soft
  • Vibrant colours and shimmery (for some not all)
  • Decent pigmentation
  • Of course affordable


  • They don’t feel or appear matte at all, they more like a normal lipstick lipstick rather than matte ( I still like them)
  • They transfer






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