Freedom Eyeshadow and Matte Lipstick Review

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As some of you might be aware (and to those who ain’t), Superdrug has been doing the ”3 for 2” promotion for the passed two week. When you buy three makeup items from any particular brand or mix and match across brands, you get the cheapest of the three makeup product free. It’s a four weeks promotion and will be coming to an end in the next 1 or 2 weeks. So, to the ladies that had no idea of this promotional offer; hurry you pennies to Superdrug before the promotion ends.

Freedom Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palette-  £4


Can we talk variety? Can we really?. The palette is called ”Dreamcatcher”,it might not necessarily be a dreamcatcher but it sure caught me eye and attention from the moment I laid eyes on it. The palette comes with a variety of 12 different eyeshadow shades for the simple price of £4. Variety has been one of my many battles with affordable eyeshadow but boy ain’t I happy to have found this one.


  • Has a 12 shade variety
  • Affordable
  • Blend easily
  • long wearing
  • Comes with an eyehshadow applicator
  • Has a mixture of matte and shimmer (mostly shimmer)
  • Smooth texture
  • It’s a great beginners palette too




  • The shades ain’t highly pigmented but are buildable
  • They looked sorta chalky on my fingers tips when I was doing the swatches but felt real smooth once I rubbed my fingers together

                                                    AN ATTEMPT SAMPLE

Wearing the Noir Darkness matte lipstick from Freedom

CONCLUSION- I like the palette and do not regret my purchase at all.


The noir matte lip kit was selling for £5 and it had a variety of five shades in a pack. As most of you would know by now, I am a sucker for lipppies and worse more anything matte. In this case, I was mesmerised by not only the price but the different shades and number of matte lipsticks in a pack.  The variety of freedom pro matte lipstick collections range from;

  • Noir mattes
  • Naked mattes
  • Retro mattes
  • Vamp mattes
  • Far away Galaxy  mattes
  • Pink  mattes
  • Bare Collection

                                                           THE NOIR MATTE LIPSTICK KIT- £5


L-R Noir twilight, Noir noir, Noir midnight, Noir darkness and Noir watching


  • Long wearing (wore mine from 4pm-10pm and got rid of it as I was preparing for bedtime)
  • Decent pigment
  • Affordable
  • Not too drying or harsh on the lips
  • Easy to apply and reapply
  • Very very very little transfer unless you drinking something hot


  • I feel like noir twilight and noir watching are almost the same shade, Therefore I end up with 4 shades instead 5
  • Bit disappointed with the bottom bit of the lipstick as I thought they might be a little extra liptisck in their in case you run out (that’s just me and my MUA lipstick thought process lol)

                                         Were they worth my £5? MOST DEFINITELY. 


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I am a mother of two who enjoys anything makeup and sometimes hair. Both are a form of expression, art as well as an escape and into my own atmosphere. However, I don't enjoy having to break the bank in order to look and be ''on fleek''. Oh and before I forget, I certainly enjoy trying out new recipes

4 thoughts on “Freedom Eyeshadow and Matte Lipstick Review

  1. That’s really good, I started off with mascara and eyeliner too before I graduated to the eyeshadows 😅. Why wouldn’t you know where to start? Would that be in terms of finding some neutral eyeshadow palettes or the idea of combining the eyeshadows to achieve the neutral color you desire?


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