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It’s been a few days since I last posted or checked on anyone else’s posts and I do apologise but its been a bit tough on me as both my children are teething at the same time (mothers you know what am talking about). Now that I have got that out of the way, let us get on with it.

Alright, let us talk about baking in the makeup world. I remember coming across the term ‘baking your makeup’ for the  first a year ago and I laughed so hard to find such a term being associated with makeup. And now one year down the line, am addicted to baking/cooking my makeup.

To those who are not yet familiar with the term, it refers to allowing translucent powder sit on certain areas(under-eyes, forehead, bridge of your nose and chin) of you face for approximately 5-10 minutes. This process simply allows the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer.Once the baking time is up and the excess powder has been dusted off, it leaves you with a creaseless and flawless face.

                                                         THE PROCESS

  1. Hydrated face -It’s always a good idea to hydrate you skin before any makeup application as it minimises the appearance of any creases or fine lines
  2. Prime your face –  applying a primer to your face is very necessary because it acts as a base for both your foundation and face makeup. It allows your foundation and makeup to go on smother and ensures that it lasts longer too.
  3. Colour correct – this technique is used to correct an individuals skin discolorations by cancelling them out with an opposite shade. Examples of skin discoloration include skin pigmentation, redness, under-eye circles, dark spots, etc. (Topic for another day)
  4. Foundation – apply your foundation (either using a brush or beauty blender)
  5. Concealer – apply your concealer with a damp beauty blender (you can dampen it with a setting spray or water) to the desired areas such as your under-eyes, chin, bridge of your nose, forehead or to all. Sometimes certain concealers will crease because they contain oil but if set right, they won’t.
  6. Translucent powder – and now the baking beings. This is the time to dust on that powder to the highlighted (with concealer) areas using either a beauty blender or suitable brush.
  7. 5-10 minutes – waiting 5-10 minutes is a hassle for me, therefore I would advise anyone in the same shoes to do you their eyeshadow and eyebrows after the translucent powder. This way, you don’t get to feel the wait.
  8. Dust it off – after the baking time is over, dust off the powder using a fluffy brush after swirling it in your finishing pressed powder. The pressed powder technique helps you to add on more coverage and blends away any harsh edges.

Below is a an example of me baking my makeup weeks ago (Didn’t have my wig on on the left picture but had it on with the one of the right but whats life without a little humour ehh?)

I baked my makeup using the W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder (lol maybe i sed a but much)


BOOM…..and we are done baking our makeup.


To those who cannot afford to buy the £20 Sasha buttercup, Laura Mercier £29, Ben Nye £13-29.99 or the £7.99 Airspun loose face powder, below are options you might want to consider. And to those who are into high end products and are just curious to compare the outcome of drugstore to high end loose powders…HAVE AT IT. However, if you are not quite sure, go ahead and watch some reviews on YouTube about these products.

  • Cover All – £3

Was purchased  from magical halo cosmetics on but can also be found on eBay or Amazon for wayyyyy cheaper.

  • Both W7 loose powders -£3both rank the same as I like them equally
  • Match Perfect from RIMMEL LONDON – £6 Superdrug or £4.39 on Amazon

                                                                 LOVE THEM ALL


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I am a mother of two who enjoys anything makeup and sometimes hair. Both are a form of expression, art as well as an escape and into my own atmosphere. However, I don't enjoy having to break the bank in order to look and be ''on fleek''. Oh and before I forget, I certainly enjoy trying out new recipes


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