MUA Haul Review

Hello Hello everyone,

I’m hoping you are all doing well today. It’s definitely been some days now since the MUA Haul but finally the review is here and I had a lot a fun during the preparation process. But before we get started with the review, let me get a few things out the way;

  • I must apologise for the picture quality, I do not own a professional camera yet but as time goes by, I hope to acquire one. So in the mean time and in between time….BARE WITH ME (we all have to start from somewhere)
  • I may look like a drag queen but seriously I had no way of knowing that the £1 single eyeshadow was highly pigmented.  I just dipped my eyeshadow brush and went in…..
  • The end of this review contains affiliate links, this simply means that if anyone clicks on the links and purchases anything, I end up getting a 10% commission
  • And to those who missed my MUA Haul, Its the blog post right before this one or   click here

Alright,  now that we done with that, let’s dive into this review. 

  1. MUA 6 Shade palette (rushed wonders), Single eyeshadow (Midnight) and the Metallic liquid lipstick (Spark)


6 shade palette and Singe eyeshadow (midnight)


                                                    Metallic liquid lips (spark)

PROs (6 shade palette)

  •  Pigmented
  • Lasted all day on my eyes (didn’t use any eyeshadow base)
  • I noticed that the single matte eyeshadow became a shade darker over time (not sure if that’s the case with other single matte eyeshadow from MUA)
  • Nice shimmery shades with a buttery and smooth feel
  • Blends easily
  • A little goes a long way

Single eyeshadow (Midnight)

  • Very very pigmented
  • Definitely matte with a bit of a rough feel
  • It gets a shade darker after application (?)? I know but still like it
  • A little goes a long way with this one (therefore it will last you a while)

Metallic liquid lip (Spark)

  • Smells good
  • Great shine
  • Creamy
  • Applies smooth and easily on the lips
  • Nice and thick applicator
  • will last you a good amount of hours
  • A little goes a long way


So far so good, would definitely recommend these three products. 

2. Matte lipstick (L-R Scarlet siren and Wild berry)



L-R (Scarlet siren and Wild berry)

3. LIPSTICK (Coral flush and Shade 2)

L-R (coral flush and shade 2)




  • Both the lipstick and matte lipstick are moisturising
  • They glide onto the lips effortlessly
  • Both are subtle colours
  • Have a little extra lipstick at the bottom(unscrew the bottom part of the lipstick) in case one runs out


  • The matte one is not so matte but more on the moisturising and less shine side


For the price, these lipsticks outdo themselves, therefore I cannot be mad. If I was to describe them in a single sentence, ”SUBTLE MOISTURISING LIPSTICKS”.I don’t have the slightest as to why these lipsticks don’t receive much attention and hype because they are absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

4. PRO-BASE Cover and Conceal kit



  • So smooth and easy to blend, I didn’t have to work so hard.


  • As you can see in the picture above, the bottom shade was absolutely different from the top shade. Once I used the top coat to brighten my under eyes, I was in shock to find a totally different shade underneath??? What is that all about MUA?
  • It creased so much
  • I was unable to dust off my loose baking powder as it was stuck to the concealer under my under eyes 😦
  • It had a waxy smell
  • I did not like the inside packaging at all


Not worth any pennies. That’s £4 gone in the bin right there. IF YOU CAN, TRY NOT TO WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE.

5. Royal blue eyeliner and Brooding Plum lip liner


I used Royal Blue eyeliner for my eyes and brooding Plum lip liner for my entire lip


L-R (Brooding plum, Forest green, Turquoise and Royal blue) 

PROs; Eyeliner

  • Certainly pigmented
  • Glides on effortlessly



PROs; Lip Liner

  • Pigmented (so much so I used only the lip liner for my entire lip and nothing else)
  • In desperate situations, it can be used as a substitute for matte lipstick as well
  • Barely transfers
  • It will last you all day with a one or two re-applications after food or drink




Both the eye and lip liner are very pigmented.To be honest with you, I as very worried that the colours may not show up especially for a woman of colour such as myself. However, I am very impressed with hem both.





  • Shimmery
  • I like the highlighter swirl pattern
  • Has a smooth buttery feel and its easy to blend


  • NONE


Definitely my new favourite highlighter, it has such a subtle rosy peach glow and can be used as a blush substitute . I cannot stress enough how much I love it right now. 

7. MUALUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer (Splash)


  • Very pigmented
  • Smooth application
  • Lovely smell
  • Lasts for whole day with reapplication after food or drinks


Was a bit patchy on my first application, had to apply a second layer to get it right. However, I think one can certainly avoid the patchiness (I really hope this word exists lol) if extra care is taken during the first application.


Would I recommend, YES I WOULD. 

Overall, I was impressed with the products aside the cover and conceal kit. 

If anyone is interested in some of the products but cannot access a Superdrug store, here are some affiliate links. The downside is that you might end up paying a bit more as opposed to superdrug.

Click here To check out MUA Eyeliners

Click here to check out the MUA UNDRESS SHIMMER HIGHLIGHTER

Click here to check out MUA Metallic liquid lip

Click here to check out MUA Matte lipstick

Click here to check out MUA Lipstick

Click here to check out MUALUXE Lip Lacquer

It’s been a fun experience doing this haul and review. 

M.C x





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