120 Eyeshadow Palette Review

img_1859Hello beautiful people of the world,  today I will be reviewing the LAROC BEGINNERS COLLECTION 120 SUMMER EYESHADOW TONES PALETTE.

Disclaimer: This review contains affiliate links.

LaRoC BEGINNERS COLLECTION (120 summer eyeshadow tones) – £7.97

The eyeshadow palette was purchased a week ago from the amazon website for £5.99. I made sure to go back and double-check the price on Amazon before writing this review and discovered that there has been an increase, it’s now selling for £7.97. This is to be expected because sometimes prices of certain products will either inflate and deflate due to demand and sales.

I have been using this eyeshadow for close to two years now and it’s my everyday go-to palette. And for this reason, it’s a great product review piece (am I right or am I right)?. OK, so let us get started with the product packaging;


The palette came in a grey mailing postage plastic bag (scraped off my address with a pen because you just never know) and when opened, the light weight box containing the eyeshadow was secured inside a bubble-wrap bag.


Once the palette was opened, JUST WOW WOW WOW. The shades just looked AMAZING and  reminded me so much of the rainbow (which in my head is so cool ok lol). It has two separate eyeshadow palettes inside and neither is attached to the palette case (as you can see from above pic on the right)


Alright now, believe it or not I swatched all of the 120 shades..oh yeah, I took it all the way there.





  • Easy to blend
  • Vibrant range of colours and shades
  • Great Halloween eyeshadow palette (to those who celebrate Halloween)
  • Has a mixture of matte and shimmery shades
  • One can mix and match more than one shade to acquire the desired single shade look (e.g. if one shade of orange is not showing after application, you can dip your eyeshadow brush in 3-4 different orange shades and collectively blend them into a single shade…I know it sounds like hard work but oh well lol)
  • Different shades of one colour (e.g. blue, green, purple) caters to different colour skin tones
  • Good amount of pigment
  • All day staying power
  • Great beginners palette
  • Fast delivery


  • Bubble wrap it comes with is too thin, which leaves a lot of room for damage if palette is ever dropped through the door letterbox (two of my shades were broken when I opened the palette) or just accidentally dropped during the delivery  route
  • Some shades are reasonably pigmented whilst others are not
  • You have to handle with extreme care because the two eyeshadow palettes inside are not attached
  • I feel like an eyeshadow palette with this many shades should at least come with an applicator and mirror
  • Very few shades do not have staying power (but majority of them do)
  • Some of the shades (mostly mattes) have a chalky powdery buttery feel but still apply smoothly
  • I think they can do better with the palette outer appearance (zhoosh it up a little)


This 120 eyeshadow palette feels like a 6-10 shade palette reason being, one colour has too many different shades to it but it’s still the same colour range/category (do you get what am trying say?, in my head you and I are conversing). With all things considered, I very much still like the palette and would recommend.

Click here to check out the 120 eyeshadow palette.

I must say this though, the eyeshadow palette certainly looks a dupe for the BHCosmetics 120 colour palette 2nd edition (which sells for £17-20).

Thank you for taking the time to read through and give your feedback. Have a good day

M.C x



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