Freedom Makeup ProArtist Eye Foils – HD Bright 1 Review

Hello beautiful people of the world. I’m back with a review for the Freedom makeup Pro Artist refill eyeshadow I purchased from Superdrug a couple of days ago. For those who haven’t yet seen the mini haul I did on this, please go ahead and click here

N.B- This review will contain additional content, I have decided to go ahead and include a brief introduction about the new Freedom Makeup Eye foils and Highlighter  (not those not aware) because it’s only been around for a few months now.  Therefore do not be alarmed by the many pictures not pertaining to the eyeshadow being reviewed here today….OK LET’S GET STARTED


Freedom Professional London introduced this collection a few months ago and the whole idea behind it was for you to purchase the eyeshadow and palette separately and be able to individually customise your palette.  Therefore, the eyeshadow, highlighter and blush do not come with a palette but rather in a little box safely secured by laminate like plastic material. The name of the each eyeshadow is engraved at the back of the eyeshadow pot itself (see picture below);


You can either get five eyeshadow shades in one pack for £5 (which is like a £1 for each eyeshadow),  three highlighters for £5 or singular eyeshadow for £2 each and add them to a magnetic eyeshadow palette (which you can also purchase for £5) and create your collective eyeshadow, highlighter and blush  palette.


  • TOP L-R (Burnt, Metallic 1, Metallic 2)
  • BOTTOM L-R (Bare and Matte Bare)

Freedom Magnetic Palette – £5

(All three images where taken from google)

Freedom makeup Pro Artist Highlighter -£5 (an idea of how the highlighter trio looks like, different shades available) 

(Images taken from the website) 

Alright, now that I got that out of the way;let us go ahead and do the swatches for the Freedom makeup Pro Artist Eye Foils- HD Bright 1 eyeshadow.


(Shade names from L-R: Night shift, No explanation, Backseat, Care free and Candy Floss)

THE LOOK I CREATED USING HD BRIGHT 1 (I did not use any eyeshadow primer)


Full Face


  • Shade variety
  • They are Refillable
  • You get to create/customise your own ideal eyeshadow,highlighter and blush palette
  • Super pigmented
  • Easy to blend
  • Feel amazing on your fingers (very smooth)
  • A little goes a long way
  • And it’s affordable


  • Very delicate packaging, which means that you have to be extra careful and handle with care during application (if you don’t own the empty magnetic palette) because the individual eyeshadow can easily pop out, fall to the ground and break.


I absolutely love love love this eyeshadow and in love with the idea of being able to customise my own eyeshadow, highlighter and blush palette (might end up purchasing the whole collection).  For the price, number of eyeshadow and highlighters in a pack and/or individual eyeshadows….IT’S MORE THAN A BARGAIN IF YOU ASK ME. You can order them from the SUPERDRUG website or or you could just walk into any SUPERDRUG store and purchase.

M.C x

Have a blessed day.


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