Silent Disco Eyeshadow palette Review (MUA)

Hello hello beautiful people of the world, I hope this blog post meets you in good health and if  not…….get well soonest.

Today is a new day and I come to you with a quick and short blog post about one of  MakeUp Academy’s (MUA ) eyeshadow palette silent disco. For the longest time now, I have been wanting to review it because the shades look so vibrant and attractive but every time am in SuperDrug (my holy grail for beauty products), I strangely  walk passed it………………………………… EVERY SINGLE TIME. However, I was in SuperDrug four days ago and finally decided to give it a go.




  • It comes in a very nice and strong looking plastic case
  • The top cover is see through, therefore you can see the eyeshadow shades without having to open the palette
  • Contains 12 different shades (seems to be more of matte and less of shimmer)
  • Has an uneven mixture of both matte and shimmer shades
  • A dual ended sponge applicator is included in the palette


img_3205The name of each individual shade are also included on the back of the palette;

  • TOP LEFT-RIGHT (psychedelic, techno, glam, funk, rave and freak out)
  • BOTTOM LEFT-RIGHT (reveal, go ape, two step, wild, electro and just dance)


img_3209LEFT- RIGHT(psychedelic, techno, glam, funk, rave, freak out, reveal, go ape, two step, , wild, electro and just dance)


img_3522Initially, this was not the finished look I was going for but I had to improvise when two of my transitional crease shades completely failed to show up (techno and freak out).


 Since the shades were not showing up on my eyelids, I decided to dampen my eyeshadow brush with water in order to attain pigment from the eyeshadow (here is a beauty hack ladies, you can always dampen or spray your eyeshadow brush to get more pigment out of your eyeshadow) and it clearly made a difference. Below are the steps to this finished look;

  1. Applied freak out to my entire crease area (excluding the outer V and eyelid area)
  2. Secondly, I put electro on my outer V area (this is the area where you usually apply your darkest shade)
  3. And lastly I used glam on the remaining eyelid area (however, this particular shade gave me a lot of trouble as it did not blend well and was hard to move the product around)
  4. Instead of wiping my eyeshadow off entirely due to the glam shade blending issue, I decided to dampen my big eyeshadow blending brush and blended all the shades together and that resulted in the above finished look.


  • It is affordable
  • Contains 12 different vibrant shades
  • Comes with a dual sponge applicator


  • Although the packaging has a nice simple plastic look, it was very difficult for me to open the palette with my hands and so, I ended up using my teeth  (having said that, I own two other palettes from MUA and have never had trouble opening them up so this might just be due to a manufacturing fault)
  • It is not women of colour friendly  (at least I seem to think , it took a lot of work  any colour payoff) I am yet to see a woman of colour review this particular palette on YouTube because there is none at the moment. Therefore, I have nothing to compare my experience with just in case I did not do something right.
  • There was a difference in texture and consistency among the shades (some were smooth, others chalky and the rest had a buttery smooth feel)
  • Some shades may have swatched well but failed to pull through when it came to blending and colour payoff


Hmmmm…I have seen quite a few reviews on YouTube and none from  a woman of colour, therefore getting this palette would have to be a person thing. Initially I got it for vibrant colours and if I can not use them,honestly I do not see the point of owning one because I can already achieve this look with my existing palettes. As for the other skin types/colour, I would say go for it because the reviews I have seen so far do you justice.


Image result for sleek ultra matte v1

(image taken from google)

If you looking for something similar but with strong pigment and colour payoff, I would recommend the Sleek Acid, Ultra mattes V1 Brights or the Curacao palette which retail for £8.99.  I have not personally got to trying them out yet but they all seem to have great reviews both on websites and YouTube.


As hard as it is for me to say this in concerns to prices and bargains….SOMETIMES WE REALLY DO GET WHAT WE PAY FOR AND IN THIS CASE, THIS PALETTE SEEMS TO BE ONE OF THOSE TIMES.

Another lesson learnt is it, just because an eyeshadow or lip product swatches well….IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT WILL BLEND AND RESULT VIBRANTLY AS INTENDED.

Has anyone ever tried using this palette? What was your experience with it ? And if anyone happens to try it after this…please let me know how it goes for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today, remain blessed.



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    1. I am not surprised that you don’t because one of those brands that don’t get much attention because they do not have much to offer compared to other drugstore brands. However, they do some great lip lacquers, highlighters, lipsticks, eyeshadow( two or them) , eyeliners, lip liners and metallic lip stuff. Definitely worth checking out

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