Feminine HygieneTips Every Girl/Woman Should Know


Hello beautiful people of the world, hope you are all doing great and are looking forward to Christmas as well as the New Year.


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Today’s post is a lot different from the regular blog posts but I felt it necessary because it’s one of those topics a lot of people shy away from. We are going to talk about woman hygiene with the main focus being the ”lady part, hoo-haa, mimzy, cookie, vagina” or whatever you comfortable with. I will be calling it hoo-haa through out this post, therefore you will already know what am talking about when you come across it.

NOTE: This topic is not intended to offend anyone and if it does, I’m truly sorry but it is one of those things I am passionate about and think every girl/woman should know. Additionally, it mightjust benefit someone out there And to those already aware of the information…kudos to you. (I USED GOOGLE FOR ALL MY IMAGES )

When it comes to dealing with feminine hygiene, it’s imperative for girls and women to be aware and consistently maintain their hoo-haa. Each one of use has a distinctive natural and innate scent/smell regardless of how well you maintain it. However, the scent can become really smelly and comfortable to deal with due to poor maintenance.

Below are a few tips to help keep your hoo-haa fresh and I’m hoping that someone out there will find them helpful.

  • SHAVE REGULARY-  body hairs are known to trap sweat and body secretions and the same applies to the hairs on our hoo-haa. Bare in mind that the hoo-haa is already an area which is moist and closed off majority of the time, therefore a combination of these factors will eventually lead to you having a foul smell/odour if you do not shave regularly.
  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT– healthy eating is something every one of us has heard  either from our doctors, family or friends. An interesting fact about the saying, ‘you are what you eat’ is that it does not apply only to your inner health and outer physical appearance but to your hoo-haa too. It is believed and a lot woman who know about it can attest (enquire from the gynaecologist at your next visit) to the fact that what you eat has an impact on how your hoo-haa smells or tastes  (for the sexually active people.  Great recommendations include red meat, cucumber, parsley, pineapples, grapes, garlic, onions, asparagus, dairy, etc. Consuming a lot of vegetables helps you attain a fresh smell.


  • SLEEP NAKED AT BEDTIME-  our hoo-haa is locked and hidden away in a dark and moist place majority of the time with barely any air. Therefore, it is very important to allow fresh air whenever possible and what better time to let loose  your clothes, bra and underwear rather than bedtime? And to anyone uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping naked can opt for breathable 100% cotton nightwear and underwear. Sleeping naked allows us the opportunity to air ourselves out.


DRINK LOTS OF WATER- drinking a lot of water helps you keep hydrated and flush out lots of toxins that can cause odour. If you are uncomfortable with water….consider trying out some green tea as it is believed to reduce foul odour as well.


  • WASH/RINSE REGULARLY-  girls/woman should not wait until bath/shower time to give their hoo-haa a wash. Whenever possible, we need a wash in order to maintain our natural distinctive smell. Never use feminine products to rinse inside the hoo-haa (self cleansing) as it alters your natural pH Balance
  • WASH BEFORE AND AFTER SEX-  it’s good practice to wash both before and after sex (this applies to women and men). Try your level best to avoid washing using ordinary soaps or scented feminine products because they can lead to swelling, discomfort caused by dryness, itching and sometimes foul smelly discharge.
  • WIPE AFTER EVERY TOILET TRIP-  wiping the surface of our hoo-haa with feminine wipes or unscented baby wipes after each trip is important because it helps rid us of the acrid scent of urine, natural discharge and sweat. Every girl/woman needs to have some feminine wipes in the bath and another in the bag ready to use on the move.
  • WIPE FROM THE HOO-HAA TO BUM-  once you have been to the toilet and done both number one and two….always always wipe from the hoo-haa to the bum and not bum to hoo-haa. Wiping from the bum to the hoo-haa with the same tissue or wipe causes a transfer of bacteria and faeces to that area and we want to avoid that by all means as it can cause infection.


  • WEAR BREATHABLE UNDERWEAR- wear things which allow your hoo-haa to breath
  • BUY NEW UNDERWEAR REGULARLY (every 3-6months)- woman who wear non-cotton need to change and buy new underwear regularly compared to the ones who do because unlike cotton, synthetic materials such polyester and satin are not naturally breathing.


  • USE PANTY LINERS- to the girls/woman who are not yet aware, the hoo-haa is a self cleansing mechanism (this means it cleans itself internally), and that you will sometimes find some white creamy or transparent discharge on you underwear. It is important to you use panty/underwear liners in order to avoid discomfort, discolouration of underwear or accidents. Apart from obvious, liners also protect you and your underwear from accidental squirts of pee. Avoid being in a wet or moist liner at all times if you can. 


  • VISIT THE GYNAECOLOGIST-  once you have done all there is to be done and still experience a foul smelly fish odour  or different colour discharge, please pay a visit to the gynaecologist. And to women who are sexually active, it is recommended that you visit the gynaecologist at least twice a year.


  • Shower everyday
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Floss everyday
  • Wash hands after a bathroom visit and throughout the day
  • Do your laundry regularly

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope someone out there learnt something. What are your feminine tips?Feel free to share within the comment section.

M.C x





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