Instagram & Facebook

Hello beautiful people of the world, today is a new day and I hope you are all doing well.

Today’s post is just inform you guys that I have opened a Facebook ad Instagram page. I have had Instagram for months now but been so laid back when it comes to using it. However, I changed my prospective about using social media platforms to promote my blog after reading a recent blog post titled,’BE PROUD OF YOUR BLOG’ by  NewLune (click on the name to check her out) . She shares great blog tips and ideas which I find very useful as I am fairly new to the whole blogging system/community.

Please do not quote me on this but she said something along the lines of;

”Be proud of your blog, we all start from somewhere. Learn to promote your blog because you can write and write and write but if you do not promote and no one is reading…WHAT IS THE POINT”?

So, to those who have social media platforms…..let us follow and support it other. Click the links to follow and I will follow you back.



I am still learning my way around Instagram, so please bare with me.

Have a Happy New Year.

M.C x


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