Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals Palette Review

Hello beautiful people of the world, I hope you are all in good health and if not, get well soon. And to anyone having a crappy, stressful and overwhelming day, take a deep breath and hang in there ( these things happens to the best of us on a regular)

NOTE: The palette is part of the SuperDrug haul (eyeshadow  palettes) I did about a month ago, if you are interested in checking it out the post, click here.


Today I come to you with an eyeshadow palette review from the makeup brand Makeup Revolution London. They are an affordable drugstore brand that offer a comprehensive range of makeup products such as eyeshadow palettes, single eyeshadow, skincare,  lip products, etc. Although is the official seller of makeup revolution, their products can also be purchased at your local SuperDrug store as well as online…….and now that we are done with the intro, let us dive right into the review.




  • Comes in a sleek matte palette
  • Contains 16 eyeshadow shades (mixture of matte, satin and shimmer)
  • Once you open the palette, it has a laminate paper with the individual shade names printed on it
  • List of ingredients are printed on the back of the palette
  • Double sided eyeshadow brush is included




The top layer of eyeshadow swatches were done as it but with the bottom layer, I sprayed my finger with setting spray before swatching each shade (if you want to get more pigment out of an eyeshadow shade, you can wet your eyeshadow brush  before use)


THE CREATED LOOK (first ever halo-eye makeup attempt)







  • The shades are pigmented
  • Shimmer shades have such a soft and buttery feel (THEY ARE JUST THE BEST)
  • You can use the palette to create both daytime and evening looks
  • Super affordable
  • It’s a makeup revolution best seller
  • I think it is a great palette for neutral lovers


  • There is not much option for transitional colours for women of colour (dark skin)
  • Not a fan of the laminate paper (I feel like it is too much of an effort moving it in and out of the palette when I need to use it or having to look at it every time I need to know the shade name…but again that’s just me)


I was not entirely happy with some of the shades in the palette as they did not show up at my skin at all. However, am not mad because I would still purchase the palette for its matte coral, berry and brown shades as well as the shimmers.

Would I recommend the palette? ABSOLUTELY YES.

I always say to my family and friends, try your level best to go YouTube and check out reviews before purchasing a product because;

  • It gives you a bit of an insight on the product
  • Helps you to make a well-informed decision
  • Might just save you some money

But again, be careful because YouTube can get really addictive and have you buying products you had no intentions of buying.

Does anyone have this palette and if so, what was/is your experience with it?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog….have a good morning, day or evening depending on where you live.

M.C x


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      1. Yeah I can imagine the transition…hang in there tho, wordless is pretty straight forward. Sometimes when I struggled, I would go to YouTube and watch a few videos and they helped. All the best c


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