MISKOS 16 Colour Naked Purple Giraffe Eyeshadow Palette Review (MASQUERADE DUPE ALERT??)

Hello beautiful people of the world, I hope you are all doing great. I’m writing this post with so much excitement because it seems like one of my prayers have finally been answered..I have found the perfect dupe palette for the juvias place masquerade palette from a brand known as Miskos Cosmetics on the Amazon.com website.

NOTE: This post is not sponsored, I bought the palette with my own money and all opinions are my own. Additionally, You are going to come across the words ”juvias place, masquerade platte and palette” a lot and I do apologise in advance.




  • I absolutely love the front cover graphics and illusion, both are giving me a life
  • The palette come in a bubble wrapped envelope
  • Once opened, the palette itself is wrapped in another bubble wrap. I still had to go passed the tightly wrapped plastic and a little booklet storage of some sort (which I like because it secures the palette and reduces the chance of damage in case it falls
  •  The flip cover is somewhat magnet
  • Has a list of ingredients written on the back




(Masquerade palette mage taken from google)

Although the arrangement or shades are not exactly the same in both palettes, the similarity between the two is very striking. Whenever I look at the miskos palette,I think masquerade palette.

SWATCHES (started with the top row L-R)


LOOK CREATED( trying a cut crease for the fist time)  🙂 

No eye primer was used in creating this look.



  • Cost effective palette
  • Shades are pigmented, especially the shimmers (which I think is the case with majority of palettes)
  • I have had no negative reaction/s to the eyeshadow whatsoever but that does’t guarantee your experience (wore the eyeshadow from 4pm-11pm)
  • You get 16 shades for £15.99 (which almost works out as £1 for each shade
  • Easy to blend
  • Palette comes with mirror (added bonus)
  • The shimmer shades have such a  buttery and smooth feel
  • Contains some vibrant and gorgous shades (for those who dare)
  • Comes with a list of ingredients on the back (this is great for individuals with allergies)
  • A great alternative for anyone who loves juvias place palettes but cannot deal with the cost
  • Can be a good buy for anyone who owns a juvias place masquerade palette and wants to do a comparison


  • Two of the matte shades had a bit of fall out, I would advise to go light-handed when dealing with matte shades


I am coo coo for cocoa puffs…I am head over hills for the 16 colours naked purple giraffe palette and look forward to exploring and seeing what else miskos cosmetics has to offer. They get an 9/10 from me on the palette, 9 and not 10 because of the little fall out. I certainly see myself repurchasing.

If anyone is interested in checking out the palette or anything else miskos cosmetics have to offer, I will leave a link for you down below.


Does anyone out there have any similar dupes? Or tried this exact palette, what was your experience?

Thank you very much for stopping by, I really appreciate your time and effort.

M.C x


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