MISKOS Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Review

Hello beautiful people of the world, I hope you are all doing well but I know that’s not at all possible. Therefore, if you are ill or having a bad day; get well soon and hang in there.

In todays post, I will be reviewing a pressed glitter eyeshadow powder palette from a brand called MISKOS Cosmetics on Amazon.com. I have already tried and reviewed one of their palettes (which is a juvias place masquerade palette dupe) , anyone who missed the post can click here to check it out.




  • Beautiful glittery foil type of boxing but no rough feel
  • The palette is tightly secured an outer box (as you can see from the above picture), plastic seal, bubble wrap and bubble wrapped envelope
  • Comes with a mirror
  • Has 30 colours pressed glitter powder eyeshadows



SWATCHES (first and second row)


last 3 rows



If anyone has seen my previous post, you will notice that the pictures am about to post are the same due to the fact that I used this glitter palette along with the miskos naked purple giraffe palette to create the look (I did not use glitter glue, took the glitter straight from the palette and onto eyes);


Unfortunately for me, the camera kept on washing out the vibrancy and sparkle of the glitter every time I took a picture. And for that reason, I decided to do a little quick video to show you the full effect (go ahead and watch the video and PLEASE forgive me if you don’t understand a word of what am saying lol);



  • Very pigmented and vibrant
  • You get 30 colours in the palette
  • The pressed glitter can be used with/without glue (but would advise to put glitter glue for extra hold)
  • Comes with every glitter colour you could think of or ever need (in my opinion)
  • The glitter is not all the way dry, it comes with a bit of moisture (which makes the texture of the glitter feel buttery and smooth)
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove with your regular facial oil, milk cleanser or miscellur water (I used miscellur water)
  • Super duper affordable
  • You get so many glitter colours for the price


  • I would advise to facial toner to make sure that the little glitters that get stuck in-between your eyelashes whilst removing your eye makeup are taken care of.

HOW I LOOKED AFTER 9 hrs OF WEAR (bare in mind that no glue was used to fix the glitter)



I AM IN LOVE……..I have never ever used glitter for any eye look in my life and am glad that my first attempt was not a disappointment. In all honesty, the fear of daring into bright colours kept me away but it was one of my new years resolution to try glitter.

Glitter eye makeup looks don’t always have to beย  out there, they can be subtle and still look stunning. A great example is the picture below, I decided to add glitter to my normal makeup routine (again, nothing too out there but a simple glitter look with no added glue or primer);


WOULD I RECOMMEND??…..absolutely

If you are interested in the palette, go ahead and click here to check it out. This link is from a different seller cause they one I purchased it from is out of stock. I would advise to wait for the palette to return and get it for cheaper (for a direct link to the ยฃ18.99, go the my shop and click the description).

Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to browse through. I wish everyone a great weekend.

M.C x


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I am a mother of two who enjoys anything makeup and sometimes hair. Both are a form of expression, art as well as an escape and into my own atmosphere. However, I don't enjoy having to break the bank in order to look and be ''on fleek''. Oh and before I forget, I certainly enjoy trying out new recipes

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