I HEART Revolution Surprise Egg (DRAGON) Review

Hello beautiful people of the world, welcome back to my blog/site. And to any newbie stopping by for the very first time…WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME.

In today’s post, I will be reviewing the new but limited edition Easter surprise beauty egg from IHEART makeup. IHEART recently released 6 different surprise beauty eggs and each is comprised of 5 mini egg eyeshadow shades and 2 highlighters. To check out all 6 different types of surprise eggs available, please go ahead and click here  .

IHEART Revolution Surprise Egg (DRAGON) -£5

NOTE: Please bare with the shadows and images on the egg, I tried my best but the egg kept capturing whatever was around it.


A very nice and neat sleek compact portable design with an easy to open feature on the top of the egg (just press down and push each side in opposite directions).  Once opened, one side of the surprise egg contains 5 mini egg-shaped eyeshadow shades and the other contains two highlighters.



img_1872-1(L-R 5 mini eyeshadow shades and two highlighters on the far right)






  • Great price point
  • Each surprise egg contains 3 shimmers, 2 mattes and 2 highlighter
  • Both eyeshadow and highlighter pigment is amazing
  • Easily blendable
  • Although limited, you can still create more than one eye-look
  • Light-weight compact (great for handbag and travel)
  • The eyeshadow has such a creamy, buttery and soft texture
  • No fallout from either sides (both eyeshadow and highlighter)


  • The surprise eggs are smaller than I expected
  • The highlighters are slightly on the powdery side (but surprisingly no fallout)


Initially, I had my reservations with the Iheart surprise egg and was not expecting much from the get-go. The whole Easter egg palette concept is really cute and mesmerising but my main concerns were;

  • Fallout from either side of the egg going onto the other (when eyeshadow fallout mixes with highlighter or vice versa)
  • I was afraid that the highlighters may not have been my shade match

However, this proved to not be the case after having done my swatches and completed eye-look. I was completely amazed at how well the eyeshadow and highlighters performed……THE  IHEART REVOLUTION SURPRISE EGG IS REALLY A FUN LITTLE THING TO HAVE.

WOULD I RECOMMEND??……….Yes I would.

Has anyone else tried the Iheart revolution egg?….If so, what was your experience with it?

After reading this review…does anyone intend on purchasing any of the six iheart revolution surprise eggs?? 

Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to read my post….UNTIL NEXT TIME 🙂


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