Makeup revolution Re-loaded Iconic Division Palette Review

Hello beautiful people of the world and welcome back to yet another post. And to anyone stopping by for the very first time…WELCOME.

In today’s post, I will share with you my thoughts on one of four re-loaded eyeshadow palettes from makeup revolution. As some of you may be aware (and to those who ain’t),  makeup revolution is a UK-based affordable drugstore makeup brand and since mid last year, they have been releasing lots of new products at every given opportunity. Examples of their new products include chocolate eyeshadow palettes, renaissance lipsticks and lip liners, re-loaded eyeshadow palettes, the famous £4/$7 concealer, foiled single eyeshadow, the famous fast base stick foundation currently taking over YouTube, etc.

Somewhere between late last year and early this year, they released four different re-loaded eyeshadow palettes namely iconic division, newtrals 2, iconic fever and iconic vitality. So today, I will review the iconic division palette and share my thoughts and findings with you.

Makeup Revolution Re-loaded Palette Iconic Division -£4





NOTE: The look I ended up with was not the initial look I was going for but some of the eyeshadow shades didn’t show up very well on my skin. Therefore, what you see in the picture below is a failed attempt due to weak pigment of some of the eyeshadow shades. 




  • Cruelty-free
  • Contains 15 eyeshadow shades (12 mattes and 3 shimmers)
  • Great price point
  • The mint shimmer shade has a mixture of glitter particles in it (therefore it’s not as creamy and soft in texture as you would expect)
  • Shades in the palette look very vibrant
  • Majority of shades in the palette are mattes (with exception of 3 shimmers)
  • Shade variation is good as the palette contains transitional colours


  • Texture and feel of the shimmers are different (the minty shimmer shade has more of a glitter/pressed eyeshadow feel and the gold and pink shimmers have more of a creamy texture)
  • The shades are not as pigmented as they appear
  • I struggled to pick up the shimmer shades for my swatches and during my makeup time
  • Some of the matte shades just disappear once you start blending
  • The mint shimmer shade started to separate and move around during and after application (check out picture below). I personally recommend using a very good eye primer



In all honesty, I really don’t know how to feel about the revolution re-loaded iconic palette because I struggled a lot with it. Certain shades did not have the best colour pay-off, some were pigmented whilst others weren’t and I just expected more but it really didn’t deliver to my standard. Having said that, I like a few of the shades in the palette (picture below);


I will conclude by saying, I don’t want drugstore makeup brands to get comfortable with delivering average products just because they are affordable. E.g. Me being content with the 7 shades I like out of 15 just because the palette is £4. If you are going to produce and release a palette that has vibrant looking shades such as this one, it better deliver.

WOULD I RECOMMEND?.…I wouldn’t discourage anyone from purchasing the palette as there’s different shades of dark skin, therefore just because certain shades don’t show up on my skin tone…..DOESN’T NECESSARILY MEAN IT WILL PERFORM THE SAME WAY ON YOUR SKIN.

Thank you very much for stopping by….UNTIL NEXT POST.

M.C x



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    1. Yeah but that’s the downside and good side of makeup sometimes …the same product can work really well for one person and go completely wrong for the next 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Will give it away to a family member or something.

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