MISKOS 35E Eyeshadow palette Review, (Morphe 35B dUPE ALERT)

Hello beautiful people from all parts of the world, welcome back to my blog. And to anyone stopping by for the very first time, welcome to you too and I hope that you are here to stay. With pleasantries out of the way…..LET US GET STARTED.

NOTE: The links in this post are affiliated, which simply means that if anyone decides to purchase any of the named palettes, I will get a commission. However, the palette am about to review was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.  

Today’s beauty product review is an eyeshadow palette from a cosmetic brand known as miskos on Amazon (don’t quote me on this but I think they are an Amazon.com exclusive brand). If anyone is familiar with my blog or has been around for a while, you may notice or remember that I have previously reviewed two of their eyeshadow and glitter palettes and on both occasions, I was never disappointed.

Miskos 35E Eyeshadow palette -£10.99


The packaging is nothing special, just a nice, simple and generous looking palette. However, the eyeshadow pots appear bigger when compared to my other eyeshadow palettes.



Each hand apart from the last one has two rows of swatches on them and since the palette only contains five, the last row had to be swatched on its own.

First 2 rows
3rd and 4th row
5th row

The Created Look

NOTE: I never (or should I say rarely) use eye primer before applying my eyeshadow, instead I use a concealer as a base all over my eyelids. 

I honestly do not know what it is but I seem to be gravitating towards smokey eye makeup looks lately.



  • It’s a dupe for the morphe 35B palette (personally, I have never used any morphe products or eyeshadow ,therefore I cannot do a comparison)
  • The price point is great
  • Contains 35 eyeshadow shades (12 glitter and 23 matte)
  • The pigmentation is more than decent
  • Pigment is buidable
  • Shade selection is decent
  • It’s durable (had it on for more than 5 hours and it didn’t fed away)
  • Has all round shades (you can get a casual finish, party or salon style, business makeup, sunset, Halloween or Christmas makeup, etc)
  • Blendable
  • The matte shades are very delicate and soft
  • The glitter/shimmer shades are very smooth, soft and buttery


  • The matte shades have a silky powdery formula but are not scattered and have no fallout
  • The palette is a little bit on the heavy side
  • Comes with no mirror or eyeshadow brush


Having already reviewed two of their palettes, I had nothing but high expectations for the miskos 35E (morphe dupe) and am glad that it didn’t disappointment. I was/am happy with how well the palette was packed and protected for delivery, the pigment as well as the overall colour payoff.

Let me end the review by saying, swatches aren’t everything because a great swatch don’t always equals to a great blend (if that makes any sense). Some eyeshadow shades may swatch great but when it comes to blending, the shade may be very difficult to blend and the colour payoff can be terrible. All I an tell you is, the shades I used to create this look worked just fine for me but they may or may not work the same for you.

WOULD A RECOMMEND?…this is one of those palettes I would give an absolute yes and not because it’s an affiliate but because am genuinely impressed with it. 

WHO NEEDS ONE? ….Any curious makeup lovers, anyone who already owns a morphe 35B palette and would like to do a comparison or just anyone looking to explore and have fun with the shades/colour selection.

Click here to read reviews, check out or even purchase the palette for £10.99

If anyone is interested in checking out the reviews I did on the other two miskos eyeshadow palettes, I will leave the links right below this;


Has anyone ever come across, heard of or even used one or more of the miskos cosmetics palette? Is so, I would love to hear all about it in the comment section. Additionally, I would like to know your opinions of this palette be it negative or positive. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, until the next post 🙂

M.C x


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I am a mother of two who enjoys anything makeup and sometimes hair. Both are a form of expression, art as well as an escape and into my own atmosphere. However, I don't enjoy having to break the bank in order to look and be ''on fleek''. Oh and before I forget, I certainly enjoy trying out new recipes

7 thoughts on “MISKOS 35E Eyeshadow palette Review, (Morphe 35B dUPE ALERT)

  1. That looks nice , most of this eye shadows might look muddy , most especially the matte shades , obviously if you know what you are doing , that’s easy enough to avoid but not for a beginner . I love the look you came up with .

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    1. Thank you very much, yeah I agree with you cause any eyeshadow can look muddy on anyone who doesn’t know how to blend. That’s why it helps if one uses a setting spray all over their face …helps to bring everything together from foundation, eyeshadow, highlighter and all.


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