MakeUp Regrets Pt 1

#ProfusionCorrectorPalette   #£4.99 hello hello Ever bought any makeup products that you later regretted purchasing?.If your answer is Yes,then you are not the only one. My family and I had a day out at the mall when I noticed that TKmax was having a sale. Of course me […]


#FakeNubian2    #IsItWorthIt   #Ebay     #£7.99 Hello hello , Hope you all doing great. Ok let us just dive into it. Almost a month ago, I was on Ebay searching for some affordable eyeshadow (lol as usual) and then it hit that, why not type in […]

Matte Lipstick gloss set

#DE’LANCI  #SETOF12 #£14.95 DE’LANCI is one of the many affordable cosmetic brands out there and they do some pretty awesome eyeshadow and concealer palettes. However, today is about neither but instead one of my favourites at the moment…MATTE LIPPIES         The are supposed to 12 […]

Super Matte Liquid Lipstick

#PrimarkMakeuP   #PSsuperMatteLiquidLipstick #£2 I am super impressed and so in Love with the PS super matte liquid lipstick from Primark. As a mother, matte is in for me right now as my daughters are ever so active and their hands never stop moving. Therefore, having a matte […]

Synthetic Wig

#HerNameIsToni  #£19. The name of this wig is Toni in colour 1(yep some of the sleek wigs have names) and she belongs to the Sleek wig collection. I love love love this wig because; Affordable Supper easy to maintain Very lightweight Comes in a variety of colours Has […]

MakeUp Robe

#AmItheOnlyone? Am I the only one who owns a makeup ROBE? I just feel like everyone who’s into makeup should own one because; •allows you to do your makeup freely as compared to when you have your clothes on. With clothes, one tends to be very cautious of […]


Hello hello The subject of forgiveness has been heavy on my mind today and I thought, why not put something in writing as part of the ”CHITCHAT”? WHY NOT? Forgiveness is definitely one of the hardest things to do, be it ”cheating, betrayal, abuse, etc”. And whilst it […]


Would like to welcome you all to my blog ”girl-on-a-budget”. Am so excited to have started this blog. In spite of me not knowing how to use majority of the features on wordpress, I do hope that I get better with time. ”The main objective  for starting my blog […]